Best Tips for Hot Summer Workouts

Remember these smart hints before you exercise during the season’s most sweltering weather.

When working out during the summer months, it is easy to get dehydrated and not keep yourself fueled properly, which can be downright dangerous. Keep these tips in mind when working out in the summer for best results.

The best time to exercise in the summer is during the morning. There is often lower humidity and the temperature is the coolest it will be all day. Also, there are fewer people out at this time making it possibly less crowded than other times of the day. Check the weather the night before to see when the cooler temperatures are during the day and if any rain or storms are expected.  hydrating_wisely

Many people do not know the importance of hydrating before, during and after a workout. In the summer heat, you can wear yourself out and possibly suffer dangerous consequences, if you are not well hydrated. A couple of hours before your workout, drink a glass of water or two. To prevent dehydration, drink 8 ounces of fluids for every 15 minutes of exercise. After your workout, drink plenty of water. If you exercised for an extended period of time or sweated a lot, consider drinking a sports drink to replace electrolytes that were lost during exercise.

Fueling properly before and after a workout is as important as staying hydrated.

As important as staying hydrated is the importance of fueling properly before and after a workout. Some people can exercise on an empty stomach first thing in the morning while others do better with a bit of food. Foods that you can comfortably digest and won’t leave you feeling weighed you down are bananas and toast with peanut butter. Within 30 to 60 minutes after your workout, eat something that is a mix of protein and carbohydrates. Smart options include chocolate milk, protein smoothie, Greek yogurt, a sandwich or fruit and nuts.


In the hot weather, choose fabrics that wick away sweat and keep you dry during your exercise. Go with light colors, which reflect heat, rather than dark colors, which absorb it.


To protect yourself against the discomfort and potential damage of sunburn, slather on SPF 30 or higher sunscreen before your workout. To help keep the sun off your face, wear a hat or visor. Consider wearing sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes and to avoid damage from the sun.


This tip is probably the most important of all. If you are starting to feel ill, dizzy, nauseated or just not like yourself, stop exercising. Get a drink of water and get out of the heat. It is not worth it to continue to exercise in extremely hot weather and to hurt yourself.

Do you have tips for keeping cool during hot weather workouts? Share them in Comments so we can all learn from each other.

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