The 5 Stages Of Change – Are You Ready To Change?

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We are bombarded daily by commercials that promise drastic weight loss, however, if we all be honest, permanent weight loss is a result of making behavior or lifestyle changes and does not occur with diet pills.

Why Is It So Important To Actively Stretch And Improve Flexibility?

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Stretching is one of the most important components to any fitness training program. Ensuring you remain flexible in all ...

Put It All Together

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How to reach your fitness goals of toned arms, a flat stomach and great glutes by using resistance training as the vehic...


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Lifting weight will not make you look manly. A guide for women and a book for lifting weight gradually and obtaining the...

Why Won’t Your Body Change?

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If you are not seeing any change in your body even though you work hard at the gym and have changed what and how much yo...

Fit Girls Gym Etiquette

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If you are newcomer to the gym enviornent, this class will be new to you, however, if you’re a seasoned veteran, this ...