Natural Energy Boosters

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You don’t need energy drinks or other artificial stimulants to feel more alert and ready to exercise. Try these all-natural strategies for getting you pumped and ready to go.

How To Keep Active During the Cold Winter

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You can keep being active even when its cold outside, here are lots of ideas to keep having fun with your activities....

Beat the holiday weight gain with three simple tips

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Getting nervous about the ever-feared holiday weight gain? follow these simple tips to be ahead of the game this holiday...

Burn Baby Burn

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Try a different and effective approach next time you workout, focus on one muscle group for 5-7 minutes and do not stop ...

Add Sand To Your Workout

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Bored with your workout routine and feel like you need to change or up your workout? try changing the surface to sand. ...

Am I Really Hungry?

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Knowing about how our body works will help us make the right decision when it comes to what and how much to eat before a...