Are You Afraid of What They May Say?

Take control of your environment and get the support you need in your fitness journey.

Can I ask you a few questions?

Have you allowed your unhealthy social environment to affect your health? Do you struggle with saying no to your friends when they ask you out to fast food restaurants? How many times have your girlfriends talked you out of a workout to go shopping for a new pair of shoes?
If this is you, it is essential to remember that your environment can either help or hinder your progress towards getting healthier.

If you have thought about taking control of your environment but you’ve been afraid of what your friends and family may say, today is the day to speak up. It’s time to finally talk with them and discuss your decision to get healthy.

During your discussion, express your need for support. You can express your need for support by painting a clear picture of what being supported looks like to you. By doing this, you are taking ownership of your decision to get healthy and allowing the people in your life to provide you with the support you need and desire. If you do not receive the encouragement and support you need, don’t get discouraged. There are individuals out there who will support you on your fitness journey.

You can find this support by attending your local gym or wellness center where you will find other health-conscience people. In addition to attending your local gym and wellness center, the worldwide web provides numerous internet fitness groups to join for support, education and inspiration.

You may feel alone without the support of those close to you, but don’t allow this to deter you from your commitment to your health. Change is a process for those in your life, therefore give them time and space to accept the changes you are making. Continue to remain committed to your health, and possibly your healthy changes may inspire those in your life to make healthy changes for themselves.

Below is a listing of community fitness sites. Use these chosen sites as well as discover your own on the World Wide Web.
If you are a member of a church, community organization or company, it is possible that you may want to create your own fitness support group.

Community Fitness Sites


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