Activewear is Everyday Wear

Stylish but functional workout apparel is moving from the back of the closet to the very front, and for many of us it has become our everyday clothing.

We wear it all the time whether we plan to go to the gym or not. In recent years, black yoga pants have become as common as jeans were in the 1970s. Sports bras in vibrant colors are the new accessory must have, not only because they are more comfortable to wear than traditional bras, but also because they are fashionable. Here is why Activewear has become a fashion for more than just going to the gym.

Activewear fashion is very comfortable, because the fabrics are soft, stretchy and move with you throughout your busy day.

Comfort. Activewear fashion is very comfortable, because the fabrics are soft, stretchy and move with you throughout your busy day.

Size. Women’s weight often fluctuates, especially when they have babies. When you gain a few pounds, you may not be able to wear your favorite jeans anymore, but yoga pants still fit well when you gain or lose a few pounds. I wore a few of my more forgiving Activewear items before, during and after my pregnancies.

One less excuse. You won’t skip your workout because you don’t have gym clothes. You are already wearing them!

Working from home mothers. A lot of us work from home these days. Activewear feels like you’re wearing your comfy pajamas, but you still look good when have to run some errands outside the house or your neighbor pops in to say hi.

The layered look. One of my favorite ways to dress is the layered look, like when that pink tank top is just showing under your super cool pullover. It is the look of a woman that went to the gym or yoga practice in the morning and went on with her busy day, throwing a fun pullover on her after her workout.  Just like a layer cake, it is delicious!


To get this look, choose from these cool top layers, tank tops and workout leggings
Avi (right) is wearing Shining Shakti Double Rainbow pants

Checkout these cool long sleeve top layers as well: Long sleeve Tees

The tennis look. Activewear fashion includes some amazingly stylish tennis skorts that look awesome for your tennis game as well as for the quick lunch with your girls afterwards. 

How do you wear Activewear everyday? Share your favorite ideas and tips in Comments so we can all inspire each other.

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