8 Things You Would Never Have Guessed About Banana And Orange Peel

8 reasons why you should not throw away those banana and orange peels.

The next time you eat a banana or orange, you may want to think twice before throwing away the peel. Would you believe that the peels of both of these fruits contain some potent nutrients for your health and wellbeing? Read the following information to find out more about the benefits of these peels and why you may want to avoid throwing them out right away.


First of all, choose organic produce whenever you can to reduce exposure to pesticides, chemicals and toxins. Wash all your produce, organic or not, with a simple homemade mixture of 1 tbsp. each of lemon juice and white vinegar mixed in 1 cup of water.


Both bananas and oranges are antioxidant rich fruits and a source of essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and fiber. They are beneficial for cell regeneration, healthy glowing skin and, also, your own home!


  1. Teeth Whitener
    Rub the inner part of a piece of banana peel over teeth for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Repeat daily for a couple of weeks and you may notice noticeably whiter teeth!
  2. Fight Acne & Brighten Up
    The antioxidants and nutrients in the peel may help keep your skin looking clear. Rub the peel over acne-prone spots a few times a day followed by rinsing. Be sure to be gentle when rubbing so as not to further irritate skin.
  3. Fight wrinkles
    Banana peels placed over the skin provide moisture for softer, hydrated skin. Place peel over wrinkles for 30 minutes before rinsing.
  4. Rashes
    Try rubbing the peel of a banana over a mild rash or irritated skin from sunburn a couple of times a day. *Always see a professional if symptoms worsen.


  1. Relax
    Orange oil from peels in essential oils have a calming, sedative type effect that is useful for alleviating anxiety and promoting sleep. Put a few drops in hot bath water or in a warm cup of tea.
  2. Skin
    Anti-inflammatory properties can help fight skin breakouts and reduce redness and irritation. Place peel over skin for 20-30 minutes a few times a week to see if any effect.
  3. House Freshener
    Keep your house smelling clean and reduce damp, musky smells by boiling orange peels in water. Jazz it up with other scents such as cinnamon and ginger.
  4. Healthier Candy
    If you just cannot resist the sweet stuff (who can?), try choosing candies made with orange peels or containing orange as an ingredient. The vitamin C is great for your skin and immune system.

Above all else, recycle peels by composting – think twice before you throw them in the trash next snack attack!

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