7 Reasons To Go To A Cardio Dance Class

Here are seven reasons why you should give a cardio dance class a try, plus a bonus reason!

I started Zumba 7 years ago when I was trying to get fit after my second child was born. It took me a while to love it because at first the dance moves were new, fast and complex and I was also struggling to keep up with the class. After a short period of time I realized that the dance moves had a pattern and the music gave me the energy that I needed to complete an hours class!

And since it is fun, it is easier to be consistent with your workout goals.

Now I try to go to a cardio class at least twice a week , even if it is during the weekend (which usually is family time for me)

Here are 8 reasons why I love it and why I think everyone should at least try it. And by trying it I mean give it a couple of months before saying “dance is not for me”:

1. Cardio
Dance is a great Cardio workout, which has many benefits such as burning calories, on average 500 to 1,000 calories per hour.

2. Strength
Many cardio dance class and specifically the one I am taking incorporates strength training such as squats and lunges.

3. “Easy” Workout
It is an “easy” workout in the sense that most of us move automatically when we hear music so it doesn’t feel as an exercise.

4. Having fun
On the mornings when I am too exhausted to exercise, it just takes one good song on the radio en route to school, to motivate me to go to Zumba. And since it is fun, it is easier to be consistent with your workout goals.

5. Music
Listening to music on its own is proven to have health benefits – Research shows that listening to music helps us relax both physically and mentally, thus relieving stress and back pain.

6. Singing out loud
Most of us have so many things to do every day that we forget to do the things that make us happy. If it wasn’t for my Zumba class, when would I ever have the chance to sing out loud and not be arrested?

7. Brain workout
At Zumba you are using your brain as well as your body, it takes some thinking to process the coordination of fast simultaneous arms and legs movements.

And here is a bonus reason to sweat it out at a cardio dance class – Catching up with friends and acquaintances while wearing cool colorful activewear that makes us look and feel great.

Between 4 kids and a business to run, some weeks Zumba is the only social life I get!




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