7 Hottest Fitness Classes of 2016 you HAVE to try!

From Pound to indoor rowing, today there are more and more new, fun and creative fitness classes everywhere, so that you never have to be bored when you exercise! Here are my top 7 hottest classes.

When it comes to fitness classes, studios everywhere are being more and more creative to make your workout fun and challenging. There is not a doubt that you will find a workout that suits your style, plus have fun doing it. In my opinion, here are some of the HOTTEST fitness classes of 2016 you HAVE to try!

This is the ultimate mix up class. Burning over 1000 calories, you spend 30 minutes on a spin bike and 30 minutes on the floor, slamming sand bags and using a TRX for your ultimate workout. This class takes you through 3 blocks of work: power, strength, and endurance on both the spin bike and floor, creating the perfect combination of performance training. Not only is this class challenging, it’s energizing and super fun because the songs are custom to the class so you will be sure to push yourself to your limits in each stage.


Find it: BFX Studio, NYC & Boston. Check out Celeste’s Fusion class on Tuesday’s 6am. Back Bay BFX Studio: 699 Boylston Street, Boston

A full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Burn 900+ calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!


Find it: Independent Studios, CRUNCH, Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness

Studios that offer indoor rowing are quickly becoming some of the hottest classes to go to and even say it’s the “new spinning”. Rowing to music, classes concentrate on team building, intervals as well as circuit training on and off the machine. It’s a low impact, total body workout that will make you sweat like crazy and burn tons of calories all while having a blast!


Find It: Independent Studios and BTone Fitness. Check out a class with instructor, Heidi, Tuesday’s at 6am.
Btone Fitness: 30 Newbury St. 4th floor, Boston

Stand up paddle boarding has become more and more popular, thanks to the Hawaiians. It’s a wonderful way to get a super challenging workout in while enjoying the water. Not only is it intense, it works your core, is low impact, and is a great combination of aerobic and strength training. It is also is a great way to improve your health, body, balance, is a surfing alternative, and there are even yoga classes offered on it!


Find It: Independent Locations, Hotels, Surf Schools, anywhere there is water.

Similar to the pilates reformer, the Megaformer strengthens the entire body. Movements are created to tone and elongate the muscles, moving at a very slow pace. It gets the heart rate up, gets the body into fat burning zone, but keeps very low chance of injury. Your metabolism picks up, posture is improved, and flexibility increases.


Find It: Large studios are found across the country and The Studio Empower. Check out a class with instructor, Courtney, Tuesday’s at 4p, 5p, and Wednesday’s 12p and 4pm.
The Studio Empower
81 Union Street Newton Centre, MA.


Zoanee fitness is an energetic, all-level dance fitness class. A modern twist on Belly Dance, Zoanee® sets both cardio and toning isolations to Top 40 hits and International Pop music for a productive and sexy workout. The multicultural music selection inspires the warm, judgement-free camaraderie that is the Zoanee® Fitness standard. Let loose in a communal dance party that will leave you confident, sweaty and on a high.


Find It: Zoanee® Fitness classes are currently taught in several locations in the New York metropolitan area and are looking to expand to other states this year. Free workouts are provided on Youtube and classes & events can be found on www.zoanee.com/classes.

The next Zoanee® Fitness instructor training is Sunday, April 10th in Syosset, New York, and is open to all!

Studios are bringing team work into fitness classes by playing games like you did in grade school (and college): Capture the Flag, Flip Cup, Tag, etc. Build muscle, burn fat and have a fun playing games. It brings camaraderie, enjoyment, teamwork, a sense of accomplishment and keeps you active to have proven results. Workouts are supposed to be fun and this definitely makes you feel like a kid again.


Find it: Independent Studios


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