7 Dairy-Free Sources Of Calcium

Even the vegan fellows amongst us can enjoy these 7 dairy free and delicious sources of calcium. You can add them in salads, soups or eat them just like that.

Calcium is found in a variety of foods, especially dairy products. The issue is that for vegans and those with a dairy intolerance or allergy, they need other sources of calcium-rich foods. Calcium is important for strong bones and teeth. It also helps to maintain healthy blood vessels, regulates blood pressure and can help to prevent insulin resistance. Most adults need 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day but many are getting less than this. Eat these non-dairy foods that are rich in calcium to help meet your daily needs.

Yes, the beloved superfood kale is rich in calcium! Two cups of raw kale have 188 milligrams of calcium. Have this in a salad, soup, smoothie or sautéed in a stir-fry.

Almonds have 72 milligrams for a ¼ cups serving of almonds. They are also rich in potassium, vitamin E and iron. Have almond butter on toast for a boost of calcium or have a handful of almonds for an afternoon snack.

One medium-sized orange has 65 milligrams of calcium. Who would have known? They are also an excellent source of vitamin C. Have an orange for a snack, on a salad or in a smoothie. Also, you can buy calcium-fortified orange juice for a higher amount of calcium per serving. Check the label for exact amounts.

Certain beans such as white beans are rich in calcium. One cup of beans has 191 milligrams of calcium. Beans are also a great source of fiber, protein and iron. Add them to a soup, make some kind of Mexican dish with them or toss them on a salad. Another great way is to blend them up into hummus.

Soy milk is fortified with calcium and has about 300 milligrams in a cup. Use this just as you would regular milk. Another choice is fortified almond milk.

Tofu is a good source of calcium. A great way to use tofu is to include it in a stir-fry. The way to get perfectly crispy tofu is to toss it in a little sesame oil and garlic powder and bake until crispy. Tofu can also be thrown into a smoothie because it is pretty flavorless for a boost of protein.

Sesame seeds (especially toasted) have a great flavor that is perfect on salads, stir-fries and in soups. One tablespoon has 88 milligrams. They are also known to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and fight against certain kinds of cancers.

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