5 Ways To Keep Your Children Active This Summer

Summer is for endless daylight and lots of fun in the sun. It’s time for making memories, rather than searching for something to do.

Here are 5 ways to keep your children active (and not bored) this summer:

Scavenger Hunts never get old and are fun for all ages. Make it a family activity by biking, walking or running to different locations. Have each clue be ‘active’ by doing different sports, skills (jumps, hops, skip, etc.) and dancing (the list can go on) to keep your heart rate pumping. Everyone will be smiling and sweating while solving the hunt!

There are endless possibilities for an obstacle course. Start simple, by creating a few obstacles outside (run to the tree, crawl under a low tree, crab walk to the steps, bear walk to the finish, etc.), time each child and I guarantee the course will turn into a huge course that will use their creativity, problems solving skills and keep them busy (and active) for hours.

Create art outside by rolling paper down your side walk. Dip your feet into environmental friendly paint and use your feet and brushes. Try attaching different textures to your feet like bubble wrap, newspaper, etc. Fill balloons up with paint and slam them on the paper, use outside objects (grass, leaves, flowers, sticks, etc) to paint and have a dance party while creating art. There are so many options and your children’s creativity will soar as you are getting messy and active outside.


Summer is for bathing suits and splashing around. Make water balloons and have a water balloon fight, balloon toss, or hang them up for water balloon piñatas. Make a slip n’ slide with a huge tarp and even place it at the end of a slide for a water slide slip n’ slide. Use the sprinkler for a “car wash” and races through the water. The possibilities are endless and I’m sure you will have trouble getting your children in for lunch!

Wait for the dark and have fun playing flashlight tag, hide- and- seek, capture the flag, follow the flashlight, or have a puppet show. Bring back all the games you loved as a child and you will be sure to be running around and having a blast after dark!

We would love to hear your ideas for staying active with your children this summer by commenting below! Be sure to check out How to have a TV free (and active) summer.

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