5 Tips for Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolutions

5 simple strategies you may have not thought about or may need a remind of to help you accomplish your new year resolution

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, keep them simple and balanced. Drastic goals such as “I will exercise for 2 hours a day everyday” or “I will cut out all sugar” usually do not work because they are very hard to follow long term. When it comes to goals, they should be measurable, not too hard to follow and something that can be followed long term. Aiming for a lifestyle change is the best way to meet your goals, not a short-term plan such as a super low-calorie diet.

Here are some tips to stick with your New Year’s Resolutions:

When it comes to fitness, an excellent tool is to write down the exercise that you do. It can help you to be more accountable since if you skip a day, you will not have anything to write down for that day. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Even something like “went on a 20 minute walk” will work. Also, being able to look at that you completed X amount of exercise per week is great.

One of my favorite healthy eating tips is to prep your food ahead of time. On Saturday or Sunday each week, prep your food for the week ahead to save time and ensure you have healthy food ready to eat when you are busy. Some great options include: roasted vegetables, chopped carrots and celery, breakfast items, casseroles, shredded meat, etc. Check your fridge, pantry and freezer to see what you have on hand and then cook these items to have food ready for the week ahead.

Sleep is very important in feeling your best. When you spend time on your phone (or watching TV or being on the computer), it can be harder to fall asleep.

The artificial light makes it harder to fall asleep and you can end up getting to bed much later than you had intended. Make a rule for yourself to put your phone away an hour before bed to help.

Staying hydrated will help you to feel your best. Always have your water nearby such as having a water bottle next to you on the treadmill, on your desk at work, by your bedside, etc. When you feel hungry, drink some water first to see if you are just dehydrated or if you are really thirsty. Seeing your water bottle constantly helps to remind you to drink up. Taking a bottle of water with you everywhere will help you meet your goals.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you eat healthy is to keep healthy foods on hand. When you have a fridge full of fresh produce, you are less likely to reach for that candy bar than if you do not have any healthy foods on hand. Also, if you are in a pinch and low on time, having quick foods such as canned tuna, low-sodium beans or whole grain pasta can get dinner on the table quickly. Frequent the grocery store to have fresh produce on hand at all times. If you see it, you are more likely to eat it!


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