5 Strength Training Moves You Can Do in a Hotel Room

Here are 5 strength moves you can do while you are away from home, to keep your active life running smoothly.

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to skip your strength-training routine. There are plenty of toning and tightening moves you can do in the comfort of your hotel. I love to work out in the privacy and comfort of my room, but don’t forget that most hotels have a fitness center with a few cardio machines and free weights, too.

Squats are another excellent lower-body move that can be completed while watching TV or brushing your teeth.

Here are my five favorite body weight moves:

This exercise builds strength in your legs and rear. I normally prefer the walking lunge, although it can be hard to squeeze in enough lunges in a small hotel room! Instead, I opt for completing my lunges one side at a time (for example, stepping forward with my right leg through ten repetitions before switching to my left), as I find it difficult to maintain proper form when alternating my legs. Also try side lunges, which work the outside of your legs.

Squats are another excellent lower-body move that can be completed while watching TV or brushing your teeth. To reduce the risk of injury, be sure to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and push your rear end out as you squat down in a controlled, slow manner. To make your squats even more challenging, hold your squat position for several seconds before returning to standing.

Traditional push-ups are a killer upper-body move, toning your arms, chest, and back. You can also try decline push-ups (with your feet on a chair or the bed), push-ups with your hands close together, and – for the truly brave – one-handed push-ups.

People love to hate burpees – for good reason. This total-body strengthening move also provides a killer cardio workout. To do a burpee, start in a standing position. Lower your body into a squat, placing your hands on the ground in front of you. Kick your feet back into push-up position, lower your chest to the ground to complete the push-up, and then bring your feet up next to your hands. As you stand up, jump into the air – and repeat.

Tricep Dips:
Complete tricep dips with your hands on a chair or bed. This simple but effective move will tone your arms – while giving you a chance to recover from those killer burps.


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