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5 Simple Poses To Start Yoga At Home

Try one of these basic moves to initiate your next self-directed yoga session.

“Where do I begin?” That’s the challenging question many ask after they’ve made the commitment to start an at-home yoga practice. The best way to begin yoga at home is simply to start with one pose, with one decision, with one ritual and allow it to build over time. Here are five yoga postures that you can use to begin your home yoga practice.

Supine, on your back
Find a comfortable position on your back. Consider a pose that allows you to immediately focus on the sensations of your body and your breath, like Corpse pose or Constructive Rest pose. Sweeten the starting posture by incorporating the use of props into the pose by sliding a blanket under your head and knee or placing a bolster under your knees.


A pose like a restorative chest opener is a wonderful first pose as it opens up an area of the body tightened from our usual posture.

Restorative posture with the use of props
Restorative poses allow us to rest and renew and also stop before we start. A posture like a restorative chest opener is a wonderful first pose as it opens up an area of the body tightened from our usual posture and creates space in the chest, ribs, and side body so we can breathe more fully. For a more grounding restorative pose, go with legs up the wall.

Child’s pose with a restful variation
Child’s pose is the go-to starting postures in a lot of group classes. And for good reason. Child’s pose is an introverted posture that allows your focus to draw inward as you naturally begin to concentrate on the breath and the length of the spine and stretch of the hips. One of the other reasons why you may gravitate toward Child’s pose? Because it’s now an automatic response of relaxation and ease in your body due to practicing with regularity and intention.


Mountain pose
A strong, confident standing position can be a wonderful start to your home practice. Mountain pose in particular sets a tone as a foundational posture and allows you to focus on the physical and emotional state as a whole. Mountain is also very accessible, so it can make a wonderful starting point to set your intention and kick-start your practice.

Bound Angle
Symmetrical postures can be the perfect starting point in your practice. Whether you choose a seated or reclined symmetrical pose, consider something that feels accessible in the beginning of class like Bound Angle or Widespread Seat.


What is your favorite way to start your yoga practice? Share your ideas in Comments so we can all learn from each other.





  1. Another Great article! Depending on how my day went, I start standing or supine and let the music motivate me. Sometimes it’s balancing and inversions. Other days it’s relaxation & restorative asanas but it’s always good :) thank-you for the idea’s (above)

  2. Kate

    I love that our practice changes day to day! Thank you so much for reading Tina!

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