5 Secrets to Slimming Down

learn 5 simple and easy strategies that will keep you not hungry and facilitate your slimming down goal.

If you want to feel better, be more confident and have more energy, follow these five secrets to slimming down.

Take 15 minutes on a weekend morning to plan your meals and workouts out for the week.
Fall is here and sweet and savory temptations come along with this colder weather as well.  So instead of hiding behind big sweaters and over indulging, here are five secrets to slimming down for fall.

It’s plain and simple.  We all say, “I should eat more veggies”.  They are filling, full of nutrients and keep your waist line slim.  Make sure you get veggies with every meal . I like to fill half my plate with them and snack on them in between.  You will notice have more energy and you look and feel amazing.


Get your ZZZZ’s!  Staying up late always sets you up for disaster.  You will snack more, be cranky the next day, and your energy will be low.  Our body needs to recover, so make sure you do get the required 8 hours of sleep.  You will slim down and live a longer, happier, and “alive” life.


You do not need to starve yourself to slim down.  You just need to eat the right food and cut all the bad stuff out.  Listen to your body when you are hungry.  Sometimes you might be thirsty, so drink some water before eating.  Otherwise, prepare some healthy snacks (think carrot sticks with hummus, apple and peanut butter, mini bags of nuts, etc.) that you always have around so you don’t grab the bad stuff.  Remember we feed our body so that we can function properly. So why would you fill up on junk food.


You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to eat healthy meals.  Make them simple.  Make lots of veggies, a protein and a great complex carbohydrate.  You don’t need to eat Kale if you don’t like it, there are so many options out there that are healthy.  But preparing your own food eliminates the salt, butter, cream, sauces, extra calories, etc. that restaurants add to their food to make them taste better.  This doesn’t mean you can’t go out to eat.  Just try to make most of your meals at home and make going out to dinner a treat.


Plan your workouts and meals out for the week.  Set a reminder on your phone, add it to your calendar, or get a fancy planner.Whatever it may be, planning ahead works.  Take 15 minutes on a weekend morning to plan your meals and workouts out for the week.  I always love doing this, because it gets me excited for the week.
You will save money by shopping for only the ingredients you need, as well as set yourself up for healthy meals throughout the week.  Adding time in your calendar for you is also very important and time efficient.

This way you won’t keep saying, “I’ll do it later”.  You will be happier, less stressed, SLIMMER, feel better and live a longer life.


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