5 Dance Fitness Clothing Must-Haves

Choose ideal workout clothes which combine practicality and fashion for your next dance or yoga class, here is how to test fit your activewear.

Selecting workout clothes should be fun, but when trying to balance trends with important clothing qualities — like fit and comfort — things gets tricky.

 If you’re constantly pulling down your shirts, twisting them back to center or pulling up fallen straps then it’s time to reconsider your clothing choices.

The last thing you should worry about in at the gym is pulling up sagging pants or pulling down tight tops. During cardio dance workouts in particular, fast movement in all directions — up, down, lateral, circular, thrusting, pumping — the wrong clothing can give you a lot of trouble.

Don’t sacrifice fit, comfort or fashion by settling for anything less than ideal. Mesh the hottest trends and practicality with this list of dance fitness clothing must-haves from ActivewearUSA.



1. Bold leggings

Bold patterned leggings are in. Cut-out leggings are in. ActivewearUSA’s Brazilian workout leggings are flattering, colorful and stretch in all directions which makes them ideal for dance (and yoga too). The cut-out, mesh panelled items on the Brazilian legging line are practical enough for Zumba class and even fashionable enough for the nightclub.

Fit test: To test the practicality of your leggings, perform a series of squats or lunges and then do a few high-impact cardio moves like jumping jacks or squat jumps. If you don’t have the urge to pull up your pants then they pass!



2. Harem, jogger and sweat pants

A big trend — one that’s been around for a while now — is the harem pant. Emerging is also the resurrection of the jogger and the glorification of the traditional sweatpant. The benefit of of these styles is that they often feature a tie at the waistband, offer extra room to move and — just as important — up your cool factor. On ActivewearUSA find a simple sweatpant, a sweatpant, a toned-down harem pant and relaxed capri. Other baggy pant styles also fit the trend.

Fit test: If the pants do not have a tie at the waistband, toss them on and perform your best booty shake! Stick it out and move those feet as fast as your can. If your don’t have to hold onto the back to keep your plumbers crack from showing, they are keepers.




3. Flowy tops

Everyone knows the feeling: Fidgeting with finicky tops that won’t stay in place during cardio workouts. If you’re constantly pulling down your shirts, twisting them back to center or pulling up fallen straps then it’s time to reconsider your clothing choices. For dance workouts, keep it simple and keep it comfortable. (No, that doesn’t mean boring.) Try graphic tank, or relaxed fit top.  And if you’re really looking to keeps things down, opt for a tie-bottom top.

Fit test: Move that torso around by folding forward, reaching your arms up and tipping side to side.




4. Bright bras

Sports bras are one of the most important components of a workout outfit. Keeping ta-tas tied down as you bounce around could save you some discomfort and future back trouble. And just because your bra hides under your top doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Try pairing a fun bra with an open-back tank. Scroll through all of Activewear’s dance fitness bra selections.

Fit test: Here is a no-brainer — jump around! Feel ok? Can you still breathe? Good.




5. The skort

The skort is sassy and stylish — not to mention you can high-kick, drop it low and pirouette without flashing anyone. Choose a brightly colored Be Up Activewear skort, fun-patterned Bluefish skort  or Under Armour’s simple LBS (little black skort).

Fit test: Just like you would with a pair of pants, squat, bend and shake to test your skorts comfort and fit. The spandex shorts underneath the skirt tend to ride up — look for a skort that has silicone grip on the hem of the shorts to keep them from riding up.

If you’re in the market for new cardio dance shoes, we have you covered there as well.


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