4 Tips To Create The Perfect Morning Routine As A Mom Of Young Ones

While before being a mama, we resisted routine and instead wanted to do something different each day, when those babies come along, a morning routine is a great way of bringing some comfort, peace and safety into life.

Now that my son is 6 months old, we have finally fallen into a morning routine. As a Sagittarius I have a flare for trying to stray from routine and enjoy spicing things up as frequently as possible. Before becoming a mama, I would go to different cafes each morning to write between teaching yoga and the cafe was always a different location.

As a society we fear that routine will bring boredom or monotony, but rather it brings safety and comfort.

Like many, I enjoy exploring and playing, but there is something to be said for consistency and routine. As a society we fear that routine will bring boredom or monotony, but rather it brings safety and comfort. Knowing what’s coming next and having time set aside for peaceful reflection can help you throughout your day to concentrate and enjoy each moment.

The key to a morning routine is to do something that comes naturally and easy to you. If you have never meditated before, an hour long loving kindness metta may not be the way to start. Perhaps you can start with a five minute quite journaling session or a short guided meditation to kick start your day. Start with where you are comfortable and then grow and expand your comfort zone from there.

These tips may help you to create the perfect morning routine for your schedule, regardless of how much time you have and what your day consists of!

By pushing myself to get up just a half hour earlier in my day I am able to accomplish so much more. It allows time for the inevitable little “extras” that sneak into my morning: putting away a toy that was left on the ground, emptying the dishwasher and so forth. It helps me to feel as though I have more time available for the things that I want to do in my morning as opposed to all that I have to do!

This is crucial! My husband arranges the pillows to watch TV every night and it makes the house look very messy. While we’re watching TV it is very comfy so I love having the pillows wherever feels best. However I try to put them back where they were before morning in order to feel more organized when I wake up. I also put all the dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on before bed. Any little thing I can do to organize or clean my home before I hit the hay makes my morning less stressful. When I awake I only need to do a few things to feel grounded and happy!

I am a huge advocate of taking supplements. Each morning, after I scrub my tongue and brush my teeth, I make sure to take my own vitamins. I also provide vitamin D to my son. To help me remember, I keep my vitamins next to my toothbrush.

Next up: green smoothies for the whole family! Now that the little one is eating solid foods I usually make him the same smoothie we are having for breakfast. I drink mine while he plays and place my husbands in the fridge for work. While I make our smoothies, I also load the essential oil diffusers with our favorite scents: lavender and cedarwood or thieves (a cinnamon scent) and pine! It smells divine as it purifies our home and helps boost immunity if anyone has a cold.

As my son plays, I usually do something for myself. At the moment I am re-reading the yoga sutras. I try to read and write down 4 verses each day as a way to help me keep connected to the practice off the mat. Some mornings I’ll do a mini workout, meditate, create a home practice, read a few pages of my current book or catch up on Grey’s Anatomy if I was too tired to stay up and watch it the night before!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is ideal and always a way to expand your life in the best possible ways! However, with a morning routine I want you to keep it simple. At least at first. Do a few things each morning that will fuel your soul. Wake up five minutes earlier than usual and play your meditation app while you take a shower. As you walk your dog, do jumping jacks to sneak in a few extra moments of a workout. Try adding spinach or avocado to your smoothie, or begin taking a multi-vitamin. By adding in simple little extras to our morning routine we will start our mornings in a more joyful and positive light, leaving you refreshed for work and the day ahead!

Routines are great for the soul! They allow for consistency in your “practice” whether it’s meditation, yoga or drinking more green smoothies. It helps you have a more predictable morning in order to fuel you for the day ahead (and if you don’t work a 9-5 job this is crucial).

Try sneaking in a few of these tips and tricks as you create the perfect morning routine for you. Once you feel comfortable, add a few more and slowly creep outside your comfort zone. You never know where predictability will lead you, it could be just as exciting as being spontaneous!

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