4 Reasons To Drink BEER Before Or After Training!

After enjoying drinking beer in NYE you might be happy to know that beer can go hand in hand with active and healthy life style. 4 reasons why beer may be a good pre or post workout drink for you.

Pre and post-workout nutrition are key components to a productive workout and a quick recovery. What you eat or drink before and after your workout can supply you with necessary carbs for energy and protein for muscle growth and repair.

It’s best to save the beer for after more intense, vigorous workouts that are of long duration.

Typical pre-and post-workout nutrition foods include fruit and Greek yogurt; seeds and dates; and, a protein shake.

But you probably would not guess that beer may also be a good pre or post workout drink? A cold beer after a long, hot, sweaty run can seem like an athlete’s dream, but is it good for you? The key may be in the alcohol content as research shows that the best benefits may be from beers formulated with no more 0.5 percent alcohol volume. Read on to find out why drinking beer, in moderation, may be good for you before or after your workout.

Beer is high in carbohydrates, which breaks down into sugar in the body and provides energy for working out. Taking in carbs after a workout that is greater than 60 minutes in length will also restock low or depleted glycogen stores so you can be ready to tackle your next workout quicker than you would without post-workout nutrition. It’s best to save the beer for after more intense, vigorous workouts that are of long duration. If you’re doing low-intensity exercise for only 30 minutes or so, stick to water.

Beer contains small amounts of electrolytes, mainly sodium, which is lost during sweaty workouts. Rehydrating after workouts is key to ensuring proper recovery as electrolytes impact muscle function and the level of water in your body. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Medicine published a study in December 2015, which found that moderate beer intake post-workouts had no negative effects on hydration markers after in healthy individuals.

Beer is a plant-based beverage as its major ingredients consist of yeast, barley and water. Because of this, it is a source of naturally existing nutrients, polyphenols in particular that may have anti-inflammatory properties. A 2012 study in Medicine Science Sports and Exercise found that nonalcoholic beer reduced markers of inflammation and reduced illnesses post-marathon races.

Like all good things, enjoying a post workout beer in moderation will likely not hurt you in the long run (no pun intended). Whether you grab a cold one from the fridge post workout or finish your long-run at the local watering hole once a week with pals for a beverage, enjoy the choice and aim to make healthy nutritional choices the rest of the day to aid recovery as well.

The information written here is the opinion of the writer and is not the opinion of ActivewearUSA. Always consult a physician before engaging in any physical activity. In addition, ActivewearUSA does not encourage alcohol consumption. Always drink responsibly.

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