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4 Poses to Combat Halloween Candy

Embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween and practice these 4 yoga poses to give your digestive system a head start and get ready to indulge in some candy.

Halloween is coming! Haunted hayrides, corn mazes, adorable children’s costumes and creepy clowns that jump out at you in CVS are all a part of the show, but the main star of this would be those delicious mini candies you see everywhere.

Depriving yourself isn’t any fun and usually puts you on a slippery slope…

Reese’s shaped like pumpkins, Snickers, Milk Duds and Gummy Bears galore will be tempting you at work, in your children’s Halloween bag that you swore you wouldn’t open and in Target every time you run in to grab that one last thing (and end up spending $100 while forgetting that one item). While you can tell yourself that you won’t eat even one little candy, they have a tendency to sneak their way into your life.

Don’t sweat it too much! Life happens and if your joy is one afternoon mini Reese’s shaped like a pumpkin, then by all means you should indulge (note: I said ONE). A few bites here and there won’t ruin you, but if you’re looking to kick start your digestive system before those holiday habits start to creep back into your life, then look no further. Below is a list of a handful of poses you can do to create fire in your belly and ramp up your digestive system by using core and twists.

This is a two part move that I just love! It creates a hell of a lot of fire and should be done to a rocking Katy Perry song in your local hip hop yoga class (or maybe in the freedom of your own home to some Beyonce or old school Madonna).

Start in Utkatasana by drawing the energy into your heels. Tilt your pelvic bones up and your tailbone down to the floor to release the curve in your back and sit down a little deeper. Rising your arms above your head, drop the shoulders to relax into the pose and take 5 deep breaths. After your final exhale, take a deep breath in and bend your knees so much that your bottom hits the mat. Roll back onto the length of your spine and use the momentum of rolling forward to draw you back into utkatasana.

This move is super effective and a hell of a lot of fun as it engages the entire length of your core. Try to do 10 – 20!


This move can be done either as a static or dynamic move to be integrated into another funky music flow! If you’re doing this as a stationery movement, draw your elbow across the midline and connect elbow to thigh. Bringing your palms to prayer, try to draw both palms into your heart center. It is more important to open the heart here then anything else.

In order to create more of a dynamic movement: as you inhale open the arms like wings while in crescent lunge. As you exhale, twist the body across your midline and drop your back knee towards the earth. Inhale to center and repeat on both sides.


Tabletop crunches are one of my favorite core moves for beginners. I always teach core in class, even in my beginner classes, as it is essential to our wellbeing. Our core helps us to sit up straight, walk down the street, drive our car and function daily. Without it we wouldn’t be strong or centered. These crunches are easy and fun to do.

Start in tabletop with your shoulders over your wrists and hips over your knees. Extend the left arm forward, thumb pointing high as though you’re going to shake hands with someone. Extend the right leg behind you, keeping your hips parallel. Breathe in and as you exhale, bring your elbow to meet your knee. Repeat 10 times on either side.


Seated twists are a simple asana that creates magic for the digestive system. Our digestive organs are located in our core and by detoxing we are able to kickstart the digestive system and help release toxins that are not serving our body. Seated twists can work wonders, especially if you sit down everyday at work and don’t have the opportunity to move frequently.

I love sitting in an office chair and twisting my core. It’s a great office yoga move to sneak in every now and then when you feel you need a jumpstart!

Enjoy these core activating moves on your own mat and be sure to indulge in a little Halloween candy. Depriving yourself isn’t any fun and usually puts you on a slippery slope when you don’t gift yourself the opportunity to have just a taste. By the way: York Peppermint Patties in the freezer taste divine, so if you’re not interested in indulging at the moment, hide a few favorites for later.

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