4 Easy Tips That Will Make You HAPPY Right Now!

After being surrounded with family, friends and celebrations in the holidays, are you feeling a little lonely? No worries, you don’t need a holiday or family around you to be happy right now, here are 4 easy tips to be happy today.

The holidays are behind us and today is the beginning of a new year. We have all enjoyed time with our family and friends that today can leave us feeling a bit confused as to where everyone went.

A smile is truly one of the smallest gifts you can give someone.

We think to ourselves when another holiday is nearing for us to celebrate. Unfortunately we can’t be around our loved ones all the time or have happy holidays to share with each other every day of the year. If you are feeling a bit lonely, sad or just weird in how quiet or slower moving your day is being – know you are not alone. Know you have the power to make yourself happy right now. You don’t need events or other people to create your happiness, all you need is yourself and a bit of positive thinking. Here are some things I like to do to create happiness within myself.

this may not be for everyone but I enjoy a nice relaxing coloring session. I keep seeing all around more and more adult coloring books popping up, creating hours of color time with yourself! For me this is a way to relax and let me creative side explore a bit, if this isn’t something for you maybe a good book will help you accomplish the same creative happiness.

It is contagious. Smiling at someone else can start a wildfire. Even if the person doesn’t smile back that doesn’t mean they didn’t appreciate it. It may take them a bit to realize what just happened. I bet it will at least cause them to subconsciously smile at someone else or do a nice gesture. A smile is truly one of the smallest gifts you can give someone. Knowing that your smile could totally change someone else’s life is enough to make you happy for a day!

What makes you happy? Do painted nails make you happy? Do you owe yourself a compliment? Spoil your face with a facemask? Do you have a favorite sweatshirt you love to wear? Do you enjoy the fresh outdoors? Do something small that makes you happy. You can create happiness out of a simple small moment. It doesn’t have to take much time but it can turn your whole day into something amazing.

A lot of times our bad moods come from our own thoughts. Next time you are in a bad mood, pay attention – why are you feeling the way you feel? Is it due to your own thoughts of criticism or overanalyzing? If so, give yourself a break. Appreciate what you have done, learn from it and move on. We aren’t perfect every day or any day but that is what makes us unique and special! Love for yourself is the start to love for your life and everyone else!

Because today is a good day to have a good day! End of story.

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