3 Things You should Never Wear To Exercise

Wearing the right gear when you workout can make the difference between an OK workout and a Fantastic one. Read these tips about how to wear and NOT to wear to exercise.

Whether you are a newbie to working out or are an exercise veteran, be sure to not wear these items to the gym.

1. 100% cotton – While 100% cotton clothing are light-weight and cool, they will absorb all your sweat and do not dry quickly. This causes you to be uncomfortable and cold during your workout and you are more likely to stop your exercise since you are not comfortable. Moreover, wearing cold and wet clothing can cause irritation to your skin.

Instead: You should wear moisture-wicking fabrics such as Supplex and Lycra blends. Supplex wicks away your sweat and keeps you dry so that you can keep sweating it out at the gym with comfort. Try this Omgirl workshop capri:

2. Unsupportive sports bra – Not only will you be self-conscious and uncomfortable if you wear a non supportive sports bra, but you may also damage your ligaments and tissues in your chest.

Instead: Wearing the right sports bra will allow you to push yourself without worrying about how the girls are being held up! Low impact sports bras are great for yoga and walking while high impact sports bras are great for running. Depending on your activity and your body shape, choose the right impact for you. Shock Absorber bras are great high impact bras that come in almost every size. Sports bras should also be made with moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics so that you can sweat with them as much as you need to.
Try these medium impact, great for any activity Handful bras:


3. Baggy clothes – Even though baggy clothes may be comfortable, they are not ideal and can even be unsafe at the gym. This is because lose clothing may get in the way of whatever activity you are doing, or even caught in gym equipment. Moreover, in yoga for example loose t-shirts or shorts can be revealing, when doing downward facing dog, headstands or other upside down poses.

Instead: Wear clothes that are fitted and well covering so that you will be comfortable to move with them and take your poses anywhere you want to without worrying about revealing your belly or thighs. Workout clothing and yoga clothing should be fitted to your body shape but not too tight. Try these MPG Sport Bijou:


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