3 Resolutions You Should Make This New Year’s Eve

Here are three practical ideas you should suggest to your daughter or mother for their the new year resolutions, which will change them from the inside out.

What do we typically associate with New Year’s resolutions? Usually the answer is weight-loss, starting a diet and joining a gym. While these are great resolutions to make, they are also easy to break as many people give up early on if they aren’t seeing perfect results. For example if your resolution was to avoid all sweets or to hit the gym a few times a week, and it didn’t work out as planned, you may give up completely on that resolution.

Setting specific and realistic goals helps sticking with our resolutions, but maybe it’s time we start a new approach and set new resolutions. And, it is not merely to eat more vegetables. Although we should. don’t we?!

Here are 3 resolutions you can and should make this New Year’s Eve to change yourself from the inside out. And you might want to suggest them to your family members as well because when your mom and/or daughter are happy,  everyone can live in peace and harmony:


Replace the negative thoughts that go through your head daily with positive thoughts and ideas. Kimberley Snyder, CN and author of the Beauty Detox Power, writes in her book that negative self-talk can actually hinder weight-loss efforts as our bodies internalize our self-talk. Negative thoughts lead to negative behaviors and actions such as continuing a binge-eating cycle or avoiding the gym because you dislike the way you look in your gym clothes and feel judged.

Start by telling yourself everyday “I love and accept myself the way I am.” This may be extremely hard for you to do – but fake it if you have to, and repeat it every time you feel down on yourself or are ready to verbally beat yourself up. Accepting yourself as you are now gives you the freedom and power to move forward and achieve what you desire.

Aim to put down the phone and other digital devices more often in the new year and spend more time in the “real world.” How often do you find yourself with your nose stuck in your phone? Most people spend far too many minutes and hours scrolling through and writing texts, browsing the internet, pinning something or posting something to Facebook. If you were to add up the time you do so in a day, you might be alarmed at the numbers.

Detoxing from your devices is not only freeing, it’s refreshing and truly liberating. Do you remember the days when we did stuff without everyone knowing about it? This feeling of having to share, share, share some more can create anxiety. Social media has become a crazed state in itself and it’s best to step outside that vortex as often as you can.

Set a cut-off time to shut down devices every evening and aim to shut off social media flags if you go out for the day or a weekend adventure. Sure, you might need to contact someone if there’s an emergency but you don’t need to see what Suzie Q is eating that day on Instagram. do you?

Reading is truly a fantastic hobby to fall in love with. Reading can increase your knowledge, artistry, skills, take you on an adventure, help you set goals, create dreams and help you relax. An important distinction to make here is reading physical books, not e-readers. E-readers are fantastic tools, I have one myself and they help pass time when I’m at the gym, but they are just not the same as real book and the glow or lighting can affect sleep at nighttime as well.

Sitting down with an actual book on a Sunday afternoon or after dinner evening is a healthier habit than watching TV every evening for hours or playing on your phone. Check out your local library where you have thousands of books to choose from any genre.

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