3 Reasons Why Challenging Yourself Brings RESULTS!

Recently I have changed my mind about taking weight loss challenges. Here is why.

As a Pilates advocate it is pretty obvious that to me Pilates should be a part of everyone’s life.  This is why I tend to roll my eyes when I see “New Year’s Weight Loss Challenges” or “Summer Skinny Bootcamps.” Is summer the only time we want to be active and fit? Is New Years the only time we want to be healthy?

It seems to me that these seasonal “programs” or “challenges” encourage people to make drastic changes that don’t often lead to healthy habits people can keep forever! 

However, lately I have been seeing and also participating in some “challenges” that are a more real approach to living a true healthy lifestyle.

Below are 3 positive things that a challenge can do for you:

Depending on which type of challenge you choose to do that’s best for you and your body you will most likely set some goals. With these goals you will be looking to make some sort of physical, nutritional and hopefully lifestyle change. Setting the goals are simple, but meeting the goals and keeping them is hard work. This is why it is important to make realistic goals, to slow down and take some time to listen to yourself and body and to breathe.

During your challenge you will definitely find some things out about yourself both mentally and physically. What you learn from your challenge might even be more valuable than a number on a scale or what pants size you are now wearing. Taking the time to commit to something and exploring your lifestyle habits is fabulous and also a huge positive part to a challenge.

I am a Pilates Instructor, but I am also human. I have paid for and will always pay for a trainer to train me, the trainer. I will also pay for group classes so that I can stay motivated, inspired, healthy and engaged all while really living a healthy lifestyle so I can be an example to my clients, family and friends. By investing and doing a challenge you will get moving again so hopefully when the challenge is over you will continue to move in a healthy way.

Perhaps you have been working out at a gym, or a studio and you enjoy the classes, you do your routine, and you are consistent 2-3 times per week. Nice job!  However, maybe you want to set a new goal to hike a mountain, complete 50 miles on your bicycle, or even run a 5k. No matter what it is, enrolling into a challenge with a specific start and stop date will give you the extra focus to add just one or two more workouts. The extra motivation of a group setting might even help you push through the challenges of taking fitness to the next level. No matter what the goal, extra “me time” is always great and super beneficial.

For someone who really doesn’t like the concept of challenges, I sure make a pretty good case for getting involved with a program that will chart your progress and help you in the ways that I have listed above. So I challenge you to try a challenge this year. Recommit to your movement, wellness and living a real healthy lifestyle.

Try and eat clean, sweat even more and stress less. I want all of you to get even stronger and stretch your body beyond the limits you thought you had.  I want you to laugh more, breathe more and have more fun! The goals of this years “challenge” is so much more.  It is a way to get you back on track again so you can trust the process, take it one step at a time and really go for it this time, whatever your goals might be!

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