3 Ingredents You Should Avoid When Purchasing Your Personal Care Products

Choosing better personal care products is as important as eating healthy and being active. Before purchasing your hand cream or deodorant, read the label and make sure that you do not see these 3 ingredients.

As we continue to take control of and make better choices for our health and wellness it is important to consider what we are putting on our bodies as well as in them.

The majority of what we put on our skin is absorbed in less than 30 seconds and even more is absorbed on our heads and under our arms.
It would be wonderful if we could all make our own products using ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil but for many that’s just not the case. So, when considering what products to use we are often led by what’s written on the front of the label. But it’s more important to actually read the back of the label where the ingredients are listed.


Here are three ingredients that you should try to avoid in your everyday personal care products….

    Many hormone disrupting chemicals are hidden under this term and added to your products. When you see this ingredient it doesn’t just mean the scent of a product. That’s why you may read “fragrance free” on the front of a product but the word fragrance is listed on the back in the ingredient deck.
    This is an anti-bacterial ingredient that is in hand soap and even in some toothpaste brands. It is actually listed with the government as a pesticide.
    This ingredient accumulates in your fat cells and is a neurotoxin. It is used in most antiperspirants.

If you take just a little extra time you can find healthier products to use for yourself and for your family.
Here’s to better personal care product choices!


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