3 Ayurvedic Tips I Use Every Day To Feel Awesome

Unlike other diet promises, Ayurveda is not a fad, it is a 5000 year science and is one of the keys to feeling healthy, focused and energetic. Here are the top three things I took from Ayurveda that helped me lose weight, keeping it off and feeling great.

As a yogi and someone in the fitness industry, I often hear first hand about the latest fad diet or awesome yoga move that will tighten my core so I have a set of 6 pack abs to bring with me to the beach this summer.

To balance this mucus, we can eat spicy foods to keep our sinuses in check and keep our bodies warm and happy inside.

I’ve had my fair share of trying things on and off and I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are all fads for a reason.

What works for me is portion control, working out 2-3x a week, a daily meditation & yoga practice, a multi vitamin and a handful of ayurvedic tricks to keep myself in line. Ayurveda is the science of life and is currently being used alongside yoga, however it is anything but a fad. Although in the States we have a tendency to consider things we don’t understand “alternative” it should be the main idea to our health and wellness.

Ayurveda uses asanas, pranayama, meditation, herbs, supplements, daily rituals, chanting etc to create a balance in our doshas. Each person consists of three doshas and often one is more off balance than another. For example, in the winter we may have more Kapha (the dosha that is more lethargic and often bring mucus into our bodies).

To balance this mucus, we can eat spicy foods to keep our sinuses in check and keep our bodies warm and happy inside. In the summertime we tend to want lighter drinks such as water and lemonade to hydrate the body as there is often too much energy and heat inside of us.

It’s all about balance and for many of us this balance is a natural occurrence in which our bodies, minds and souls align to know what it is we need in each moment. For some however, we need to work with an Ayurvedic practitioner because we may have ignored our bodies signals for too long and been thrown into illness.

As with all things, there is a lot of information out in the world on Ayurveda. I could do a daily oil pulling or body scrub, take a million supplements and keep a monthly appointment with my local practitioner. As a new mom that just isn’t my current reality and I need to work with a few simple tips & tricks to keep myself in balance.

The three I use daily work for my current lifestyle and are the tricks I recommend the most often. Try using one, or maybe all three and see if you start to feel a bit more in balance.


Each morning upon waking I place a few drops of lemon essential oil in my glass drinking cup. I drink it down while I’m feeding Apollo and placing oils in our diffusers. Occasionally I’ll add the lemon oil to my green smoothie, but every morning I am sure to drink lemon water to kick start my digestive system.


As a busy entrepreneur I don’t always have time to be in the studio even if I am the one who owns it! I need childcare and it needs to be planned at least a few hours in advance. I can no longer just roll out of bed from my afternoon nap and run to the studio like I used to. However, I do practice every day.

It may not look the way it used to, somedays my practice is breathing in bed as I give reiki to Zyan & I will he nurses. Or when he naps I can get on my mat and move my body around to create a sequence to teach or just enjoy the movement of my body as it connects to breath. Other days I’m able to give the baby to my husband as I run away to my altar and sit while I connect to breath and spirit. A daily practice is what YOU make of it, so go ahead and get “on your mat” however you can.


This is a strange one I picked up, but I LOVE it! I was gifted a tongue scrapped a few months back by our local ayurvedic practitioner. She taught a workshop at my studio and I told her that I loved the tongue scrapper on the back of the Colgate toothbrush. I always bought them until my husband started getting free ones at work that were sans scrapper.

I was super bummed as I like my tongue feeling fresh and clean! My new gift was a simple U shaped piece of metal. The idea is that every morning you scrape the tongue and get rid of all the mucus and lucky build up we created the day before in our mouths. Bye bye bacteria! It feels so fresh and amazing and may be one of my favorite gifts.

Try one of these tips or perhaps all three and see if you start to feel yourself coming back into balance with your mind, body and soul.

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