2 Pilates Moves For Better Everyday Fitness

Include this pair of simple exercises in your Pilates routine and discover how great you feel no matter what your day brings.

Our bodies are in constant motion all day long. From getting up out of a chair to lifting your arms to the slightest turn of the head, you rely on muscles that function better when well-tuned. Pilates exercises build your body to do all of your daily movements comfortably, and help maintain muscles you don’t use as often. Here are two exercises that help people with even the most sedentary jobs feel great all day. 

Building the stability of your core prepares you to climb stairs, lift children and push the lawnmower.

The Squat
When you drop into an ordinary squat, you work only your hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus maximus. A squat on a Pilates Megaformer also activates your gluteus minimus (yes, everyone has them no matter how big their caboose), adductors, abductors, hip flection and more. So you get more bang for your squat on the Megaformer. Building the stability of your core and working the broadest range of lower body muscles prepares you to climb stairs, lift children and push the lawnmower.

The Lunge
Your day is full of reaching and pulling – opening doors, getting files, gardening. When you reach, your body’s center of gravity shifts, creating unstable weight distribution. Standing on top of the Megaformer with one foot on the stable platform and one on the moving carriage challenges your body’s fibers to stretch and strengthen in ways that are beneficial to reaching. With your feet in place (one on the platform, one on the carriage), put the straps in your hands and create a lunge with a back row. This exercise works all of your muscles, building their range of motion, strength and stability, allowing you to go through your day without breaking a sweat.

Do you find certain exercises helpful to your daily routine? Share your experiences in Comments so we can all learn from each other.


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