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1 Legged Yoga Pose – Tree Pose

Improve your posture with Tree Pose, here is a step by step for how to do it.

One of the important benefits of practicing yoga comes from balance postures. Balance postures such as tree pose improve your posture, help prevent injuries and build core strength. In addition practicing balance posture in yoga calms your mind and improve the whole body coordination.

When practicing this 1 legged yoga posture, remember to look at one point and focus on it, turn on your core and push your belly button to your spine. and most importantly keep breathing slowly and steadily.

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If balancing on one leg is too challenging you can use a wall to help support you in case you loose your balance or fall. Stand about an arm’s length away from the wall, with your feet parallel to the wall and you facing sideways. If you are balancing on your left leg, stand with your left shoulder as arm’s length away from the wall.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Build a strong trunk of your tree through the legs and the core, then reach your branches for the sky!

To get into the posture: Stand your feet together and parallel, and transfer your weight into your left foot. Take any of the following options for your legs: 1. Bring your right toes to the floor just inside the left ankle, and lean the right heel on the left ankle. 2. Bring the right foot to the left calf below the knee, with the toes pointing down toward the left ankle. 3. Use your right hand to help lift your right foot to the inside of the left thigh above the knee, right toes pointing down toward your left ankle. Engage the inner thighs to press the foot of the lifted leg into the standing leg. Bring your hands to heart center, and stay for 5-10 breaths, then switch legs.


Helpful Hints:

• Make sure that no part of your lifted leg foot touches the knee of the standing leg. Either have the foot all the way above the knee, or all the way below.

• Once you feel stable, you can challenge your balance by reaching your arms toward the ceiling, hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart with your palms facing one another. You can keep your gaze steady, or look up toward the hands for more challenge in your balance.

• If you want to further challenge your balance, try closing your eyes.


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