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1 Legged Yoga Pose – Eagle Pose

This fun balance pose will strengthen your core and help calming your mind, follow this guide for 1 legged yoga pose – eagle pose.

Practicing balance poses in yoga are important for building our core strength, holding our tall posture and can have a calming effect on our mind. balancing on one leg can also prevent injuries in our day to day activities. Follow this detailed guide for a 1 legged yoga posture: Eagle pose.

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Balancing on one leg can be challenging and there are 3 rules that should make it easier: First, keep you eyes focused on one steady point in front of you. Second, engage your core, balancing happens from the inside of our belly button and not just from the strength of our legs and feet. and last don’t forget to breath deeply, do not hold your breath.

As a beginner you can use the wall in case you lose your balance. Stand sideways to a wall about an arm’s length away from it, while your feet are parallel to the wall. The shoulder that is close to the wall should be the same side as the leg you are standing on. Do not lean on the wall, it is just there to support you in case you fall.

Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

In addition to challenging your balance with a bent standing leg, this pose builds leg strength and opens the upper back and shoulders.

To get into the posture: Stand with your feet together, then bend both knees into a little squat, making sure to keep your weight back into your heels. Transfer your weight into your left foot, then lift your right leg. Cross the right thigh over the left and take one of the following leg variations: 1. Tap the right toes on the floor to help keep your balance. 2. Lift the right toes off the floor. 3. Double wrap the legs by bring your right toes behind your left calf. Keeping the legs in this position, set up the arms with one of these three variations: 1. Cross the right upper arm bone under the left (crossing above the elbows) and reach both hands around toward your back and give yourself a hug. 2. Keep the arms crossed, but bring the backs of your hands to touch in front of your face. 3. Double wrap the arms by bringing the wrists to cross and the palms together to touch in front of the face. Make sure to keep your hips level with one another and squared forward, and keep the torso upright with shoulders on top of the hips. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then switch arms and legs.


Helpful Hint:

• If balance is challenging for you in this posture, set up facing away from a wall lean your torso back into a wall when you bend your knees.

• Make sure that the leg that is on top, that arm is on the bottom. I.e. if the right leg is crossing over the left, the right arm is crossing under the left.

• For an extra challenge, try Flying Eagle: bend your torso down and tap your forearms on your thighs without leaning the arms on the thighs, hold for 3-5 breaths and come back up to Eagle.



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