Mind-Blowing VEGAN Brownies

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Bring these mind-blowing vegan brownies to a party and they will be a definite hit! They are yummy, impressive and healthy! Or just make them for you!

The Problem with All Miracle Diet Secrets

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3 Ayurvedic Tips I Use Every Day To Feel Awesome

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Unlike other diet promises, Ayurveda is not a fad, it is a 5000 year science and is one of the keys to feeling healthy, ...

A Perfect Dinner For a Chilly Winter Night – Chicken Quinoa Bake

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This healthy and delicious chicken quinoa bake should be eaten on a chilly winter’s day snuggle down on the sofa under...

5 Ways An Active Sex Life Boosts Your Health

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Your love life plays a surprisingly important role in your well-being....

6 Things We Learned In 2015 That Made Us Healthier

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Scoliosis Effects More Than 6 MILLION People In The United States Alone. Here’s How YOGA Can Help

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In the United States there are around 9 million people who suffer from Scoliosis. Here are 3 yoga poses that can help reduce the pain.

Quick Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Wrap

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Wraps are a lunchtime favorite because they’re quick to assemble and easy to take with you on the go. Here’s a healthy take on another favorite, buffalo chicken wings.

5 Biggest Nutrition Mistakes You Are Making EVERY DAY

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Troubling Signs of Overtraining

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Resting is a critical part of your exercise program. A fitness pro explains why and clues you in on how to know when you...

Baked Broccoli Tots

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These baked broccoli tots are healthy, yummy and an easy way to sneak some extra vegetables into your diet....

The Benefits Of Doing Less

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This year, instead of making a commitment to working harder or doing more, discover the benefits of holding back. ...

8 Ways To Be A Better YOU!

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The start of a calendar year is the best time to stop and evaluate the past year and seek for improvements or adjustment...