How To Feel Like A Superhero

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This Pimp Your Mat Challenge is all about lifestyle tools to truly make you feel more amazing than you ever thought possible. True wellness, vitality & energy that makes you feel like a superhero.

Healthy Treat: Three-Star Bites

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Chocolate, peanut butter and bananas come together to make a quick treat that's fun to eat and good for active people, y...

Calm Your Mind With Yoga For A Restful Sleep

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If you are having trouble unwinding your mind before bed time and would like to have a deeper more restful sleep, these ...

Fish Oil Facts, Your Brain, Heart And Hair

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What makes fish oil so fabulous for your body and beauty and how to know which fish oil to pick....

“Carbs Are Bad” and Other Healthy Eating Myths – BUSTED

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Test your nutrition knowledge and discover the truth of how to eat for health and well-being. ...

30 Minutes to Dinner: Tilapia Tacos with Fresh Salsa

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Who doesn't love tacos? Better yet, who doesn't love tacos with a healthy makeover that are on the table in under a half...

5 Healthy Exercises for Pregnant Women

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Working out when you’re expecting is great for you and your baby. Here are a handful of exercises you can do safely and comfortably throughout your pregnancy.

Lemony Chickpea Salad

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This chickpea salad is super simple, satisfying and packed with so much healthy goodness.

2 Supercharged Juices

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To bump up your consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables, try one of these refreshing and oh-so simple juice recipes...

Boost Your Workout With Our Editor’s Picks

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Whether you are into yoga or running, putting together the right outfit is key to maximize your workout and push you thr...

This Week’s Hot Topics

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These are the articles members of the ActivewearUSA community have been sharing this week. Check them out for yourself a...

Healthy Treat: Homemade Mango Rollups

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Make your own fruity snacks with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. It's so simple and takes only a little of you...

Smart Tools For Healthier Living

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New fitness tracking devices do so much more than old school pedometers. They gather detailed information you can use to...